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Green & Sustainable Building

OHB understands the importance of protecting our health and our earth. To that end, owner Eric A. Pearson builds on his Civil Engineering background with professional development in the area of Green and Sustainable Building.

OHB is a Trade Ally Contractor with Energy Star and Oregon Energy Trust and a member of Earth Advantage. In 2009, we became one of the first in the region to be qualified as a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor.

All this translates into a General Contractor who is extremely conscious about material waste, material selection, and advanced framing practices. On every project, OHB provides clients with a variety of green and healthy options. Some even qualify homeowners for a tax rebate from the government.

Whether it is using sustainable lumber, maximizing attic ventilation, installing solar panels, or simply selecting a paint with low toxicity, OHB will help you make sense of the green building trend.

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